Introduce The New
Generation Rewards App

Easy to Use

Look for shops you love and make payment directly within the app in less than a minute.

Use your rewards

You can use your rewards in a number of ways. Find out more in our app.

Extensive Coverage

We are trying to cover as many shops as we could so you can always enjoy the benefits of our app.

Track Your Spending

For all the shops you visited and paid using Sosure, you will have a clear view of how much, when and where you spent.

Promotional Events

Check back in on our app to see our constantly updating promotions.

Favourite your local shop

Favourite your local shop, and use Sosure to pay, you will be the next winner of our great prizes.
Choose Store
Find your favourite stores nearby or simply search by your favourite categories.
You can also add stores to your favourite, so you can revisit them with ease.
Make Payment
Paying in store using the Sosure app takes less than 1 minute.
You can choose which credit card on file to pay for your bills.
Earn Rewards
You will be instantly rewarded with money up to 50% of the bill amount.
Use rewards to spend in hundreds of stores with our partners.
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Starting with Sosure is Easier Than Anything!

Simply download the app and register and you will have free $10.00 to spend, try it out in your favourite local shops. Simple as that, no strings attached.

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Why Our App is
Best Rewards APP

You may wondering what makes Sosure different from other Rewards Apps on the market?

Sosure covers more shops than any other Apps on the market, so you can have a wider choice.
Rewards is instantly credited to your account, you do not need to wait to get your rewards.
There are more fun ways to earn rewards than any other platforms.


Our advanced secure payment system gives you peace of mind.


We are growing rapidly with more shops joining us every day.


We offer our users the best rewards we can so you can keep enjoying using the app.


Our partners are all in good relationship with Sosure which ensures Sosure users receive the best service and product available.

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Become a Member &
Enjoy Our Community!

Free $10.00 **

Join Sosure to get $10.00 credit to start your first experience with us.

Shake & Win

Shake daily to get your next free meal.

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If you like Sosure, share with a friend, so both of you will get a free meal.
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Shop With Our
Incredible App now

We are very certain that you will love the app once you started using it. Start now to enjoy the rewards and convenience the app will bring you forever thereafter.

Darren Chen, Chief Marketing Officer

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Are you looking for rewarding yourself at your favourite shops, join the Sosure community now to spend, earn and enjoy!